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Agarwood Tree In kerala


Our company has branched out to various parts of the world including South East Asia, Bhutan, Burma and Sri Lanka. This enables us to improve what we do on two levels. Not only do we get to ensure the supply of the finest agarwood grown all over the world, we also get to come across the cultures and customs of these folks. This presents us with the opportunity of aligning our profit-making motive in a way that also increases the awareness and acceptance among the very people engaged in the plantation of this wonderful creation of nature that agarwood is.

The Ideal partner for your venture into Agarwood plantation.

We have a rich background in Agarwood plantation in Kerala. The Agarwood tree is undoubtedly a magical creation of nature. Every part of the Agarwood tree is of immense value. Growing Agarwood trees require a certain level of care from the cultivators. We have a number of products that help us portray our deep knowledge about Agarwood tree. Following are few such products that showcase our niche in this area.

Agarwood Tea: It is a soothing Tea, which is derived from Agarwood and a few essential herbs with the explicit purpose of purifying your body.

Oud Chips – Basically, they are thin fragments of the Agarwood Tree or Oud Tree that have been in use since the ancient times in various cultures for different purposes. The Agarwood Chips are obtained from the inner wood of the Agarwood Tree, the darker inner wood produces one of the most heavenly fragrances in the world.

Oud Oil – This oil is derived from the Innerwood of the Agarwood Tree and is one of the most magical and wonderfully fragrant substances produced by nature. The oil has a lovely essence that changes the mood and has a calming effect on the nerves and sense.

Accessories – we have accessories such as the beaded rosary, beads bracelet, and other religious accessories at prayer hall, which is made out of freshly carved out wood of the out or agarwood tree. We ensure that we only use advanced equipment in the molding of the wood to get a flawless yield.

Incense Stick –  benefits of having oud incense sticks. In ancient times, agarwood incense sticks or oud incense sticks were burned by Buddhist and Hindu saints to help their senses while at meditation or dhyaana.

To strengthen our relationship with our buyers and customers, we’ve decided to keep our plantation open for visits. Feel free to drop us a line through the contact form and we’ll do everything we can to give you an everlasting experience, providing you with the opportunity to meet us and explore the endless possibility of Agarwood Tree and the benefits of starting a plantation of the same.