Agarwood Tree Plantation

Agarwood tree is a treasure trove, every part of this tree leaves, bark or wood is useful. The essential Oud Oil of Agarwood tree is the most valuable part of the tree. Growing and flourishing Agarwood tree in Kerala and extracting its benefits are our primary focus. Agarwood Plantation or Oud Plantation on a domestic or a commercial scale will be a worthy venture and a future investment.


Agarwood Tree plantation


Our company has branched out to various parts of the world including South East Asia, Bhutan, Burma and Sri Lanka. This enables us to improve what we do on two levels. Not only do we get to ensure the supply of the finest agarwood grown all over the world, we also get to come across the cultures and customs of these folks. This presents us with the opportunity of aligning our profit-making motive in a way that also increases the awareness and acceptance among the very people engaged in the plantation of this wonderful creation of nature that agarwood is.

In the market, Agarwood is a rare find and quite costly. The limited supply and costliness of Agarwood owe to the fact that it takes a lot of attention, patience, and care to grow agarwood. Hence, we employ only expert cultivators who are well aware of the precisely right procedures for growing and taking care of these trees. Today, we are one of the largest enterprises to manufacturer Agarwood articles, having our own Agarwood plantation spread across hundreds of acres of land across various countries. We constantly endeavor to use the best-known procedures and resources in growing these trees and years of care yield the best product there is. It is the upshot of this hard work that the experts in our plantation put in, making use of high technology implements that we have one of the largest supplies of the Kyara/Kynam/Kinam grade wood of the agarwood tree and one of the largest manufacturer of oud worldwide.