Benefits of Agarwood

Agarwood Plantations

Agarwood tree or oud tree is mostly cultivated in Asian countries as these trees grow well in the tropical and subtropical climate. The trees have a huge demand owing to its aromatic properties. For ages, the Agarwood has been used in the making of incenses, perfumes, and medicines.

It is also used in the making of some traditional medicines, especially in Western, Chinese and Indian medicines. The demand for agarwood and its products have always been high because the quantity produced is not sufficient to meet the demand. This is the primary reason why agarwood products are highly priced and valued.

Agarwood is said to have many health benefits, both on the mind and the body. Consumption of oud tea will control your blood sugar level, helps in weight loss, gives you healthy glowing skin and a well functioning digestive tract. Oud tea also helps in providing a good night’s sleep and improve the immune system. Oud oil and oud chips are used in aromatherapies and for other therapeutic purposes. Agarwood oil is one of the most priced items in the world and is used in the making of luxury perfumes. A meager amount of 12 ml oil is obtained from 20kg of agarwood. This is the reason why oud oil comes with a hefty price. The oil is effectively used for nervous disorders, rheumatism, respiratory complaints, fevers and abdominal pain.

Benefits of Agarwood Plantation

For long, the Indian agricultural industry has been facing a number of issues pertaining to globalization, fluctuating commodity prices, and climate. Agarwood plantation can reap a lot of positive benefits, not just economic benefits but also environmental benefits. Agarwood not only brings in a considerable amount of income but also contributes to the environment. Since the commercial importance of agarwood has increased over time, more and more people even at a global level is being attracted to the plantation and manufacturing of agarwood and agarwood products. The main reason why a large number of people are turning to agarwood plantation is mainly for its economic benefits. The leaves, bark, and trunk can all be used for commercial purposes, enabling the farmer to benefit from every part of the tree. The Ecological benefits of agarwood plantation are that it reduces the level of carbon and other greenhouse gases in the environment. Agarwood tree is said to store around 7 ton of carbon per acre every year. The trees can be planted in an agricultural land of lower productivity with the minimum requirement for tillage resulting in lower emissions of carbon and also trees do not require as much water as required by other plantation crops.

Being stated all the benefits of Agarwood Plantation, it can contribute to the upliftment in the economic status of the planters. The economic, ecological and social benefits of the agarwood tree encourage people from around the world to cultivate and manufacture Agarwood.

Key benefits of Agarwood

  • Less investment
  • No maintenance expenses
  • Less labor intensive
  • High returns

All these are unique features of aquilaria tree that make it ideal forest tree for every farmer to consider growing it.